Towns And Villages



Gharb is one of the prettiest villages on Gozo, Gharb offers visitors a tranquil and traditional place to stay. The village has restaurants and a mini market, and the surrounding countryside is perfect for scenic walks. Gharb has two museums exhibiting antiques and artifacts, and is also home to the Ta’Dbiegi Craft Village, where visitors can purchase local souvenirs and can watch th Gozo glass-blowing and browse the hand-made pottery. The most popular Shrine on Gozo, the one dedicated to Our Lady of Ta' Pinu also lies within the perimeter of Gharb. Ta' Pinu Sanctuary is a place of great devotion and is of national importance. Numerous pilgrims, both locals and tourists visit Ta' Pinu Shrine all year round.

The natural phenomenon, the Inland Sea (a great spot for scuba-diving), is close by, and the nearest sandy beach to Gharb is Ramla, just 15 minutes away


Ghasri is the smallest village of Gozo and lies huddled between the hills of Zebbug and Ghammar. The name has obvious Arab origins, possibly being an area where olives were crushed for oil. Ghasri is reached by forking right on the Victoria-Gharb road just after the aqueduct. A lighthouse on Gurdan hill, better known as the Gurdan Lighthouse dominates Ghasri and the famous lighthouse rises 180 metres above sea level and was inaugurated in 1853. Upon the hill around the lighthouse there are some marvellous 360 degree views of Gozo and this lures quite a lot of hikers, who challenge the rather steep path up to the hilltop.  Close by to Ghasri on the coast there is a secluded little inlet ideal for swimming, snorkelling and diving. 



Ghajnsielem is the first Gozitan village that greets visitors on leaving Mgarr Harbour towards the Gozitan heartland. Its name originated from the water spring, around which in 1700, Grandmaster Perellos built an arcade containing public washbasins and fresh water spouts. Attractions include Lourdes Chapel with its sharp steeple and underlying niche of Our Lady of Lourdes, Fort Chambray and the towering of Ghajnsielem Parish Church.


The village of Kercem lies close by to the south-west of Victoria, spread between the picturesque Lunzjata Valley, the green hills of "tal-Mixta, Ghar Ilma" and "ta' dbiegi", and stretching up to the Pond of San Rafflu and Xlendi cliffs. These sites are indicative that this village has the one of the most beautiful landscapes on the Island of Gozo, rendering them an artist's pleasuredome. The area is one of Gozo's best for country walks and cycling and can connect to the village of San Lawrenz or directly to Dwejra Bay.


Marsalforn is the one of the most popular summer coastal resorts in Gozo and, up to the 17th Century, prior to the development of Mgarr Harbour, it was the main port of the Island. The resort is well served with hotels, self catering holiday apartments, restaurants, bars as well and is known as an excellent spot for scuba-diving and water sports clubs.

  • A variety of restaurants and cafes

  • souvenirShops

  • Gelateria Stands (ices cream, ices & drinks etc)

  • Diving Centres

  • Boat hire

  • Mini Markets

  • Pharmacy

  • Banks & Exchange Bureau





Mgarr besides being Gozo's main harbour and ferry port, is still the most important fishing village of the Island. The Ferry port has recently seen some major changes with the new modern ferry terminal now being fully operational. Mgarr provides the best shelter for the local fishing boats during the winter months. Mgarr also boasts a modern yacht marina which hosts a large number of yachts and pleasure boats throughout the year. Overlooking Mgarr Harbour is Fort Chambrai which was built by the Knights of St. John in 1749 and later used by the British forces. A church dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes also overlooks Mgarr. Typical of Mediterranean fishing ports, the harbour is very well served with   restaurants and bars serving fresh sea food and the finest local and foreign wine.



A swift after-sunset ten-minute walk southwest of the capital Victoria takes you to the outskirts of a tiny Gozitan village of Munxar. Wedged between the sloping sides of two parallel valleys, Munxar offers some of the most beautiful             landscapes in Gozo. The name Munxar is old Maltese meaning 'bucksaw'. The name most probably originated from the spectacular imagery of zigzaged cliff faces from the Bardan Heights nearby. Munxar is also caressed by the beautiful Ghancija valley on the Munxar side. This valley forks into Xlendi valley which is on the Fontana side, with both valleys joining together to finally end up in the popular Xlendi Bay.             


Nadur lies upon the eastern most hill of Gozo and can be reached either from Victoria or directly from Mgarr Harbour. The baroque Parish Church dominates Nadur's skyline and is believed to be one of Gozo's best baroque architectural masterpieces. The village has a Maritime Museum (Kelinu Grima Maritime Museum) with a lot of naval artifacts collected from the old Nadur trade of seafaring.  Nadur is also renowned for its enchanting countryside views, with its green valleys and the peaceful bays of San Blas and Dahlet Qorrot.  Ramla Bay, the largest sandy beach of Gozo can also be accessed from Nadur. Dahlet Qorrot is a delightful small bay very popular with local fishermen. The unique boathouses in Dahlet Qorrot were often converted from the original caves and ledges underneath the cliffs. Ta' Sopu Tower lies half way through Dahlet Qorrot and San Blas.             

  • Restaurants & Bars

  • local food shops             

  • Bank             

  • Pharmacy        



Although Qala is the farthest village from Gozo's capital, Victoria, it is the closest to the rest of the Maltese archipelago,   and the rocky hillsides of Qala enjoy an unobstructed view of the islands of Malta and Comino. Breath taking scenes can be enjoyed, among other places, from the Qala Belvedere and from the small courtyard in front of the church known as Il-Madonna tal-Blat (Saint Mary of the Rocks). This church faces Comino and legend has it that it was built so that the people of that island could follow Holy Mass from across the straits when rough weather precluded a priest from going there. Except for a few sheltered inlets, like the popular Hondoq Ir-Rummien. Qala's coastline is a rocky trek to which nature and history both have contributed a great deal. Natural gifts include several caves, the prettiest of which is Ghar Minka, which is accessible only by boat.             

  • Various restaurants 

  • Mini Markets  



Ramla Bay (easily accessible by car through Nadur or Xaghra) is the largest, the most popular and most unspoilt beach on Gozo. It is awash with red sand. The sea is shallow and perfect for children, except on windy days. In the summer months it is popular with swimmers, sun worshipers and for those who just wish to sit underneath a parasol, relax and enjoy sipping cool drinks. During the winter Ramla l-Hamra affords pleasant peaceful walks. A statue dedicated to Our Lady of Hope stands vigil in the middle of the beach.


  • Cafe/Restaurants serving drinks, lunches & ices

  • Sun beds and parasols for hire 

  • Beach shop 

  • Toilet facilities

  • Car parking  

  • Local bus service


San Blas

San Blas Bay is one of Gozo's undiscovered and unspoilt gems and is well worth a visit with 100 yds of beach to be enjoyed. Following San Blas Bay signs from Nadur you are 2-3 minutes travelling distance by car.  With the nearest road stopping a few hundred yards short of the beach, once you have parked your car you will have to walk the rest of the way down a steep uneven road the width of a small car, until you reach the secluded area of the sand and lovely crystal clear waters. In our opinion this secluded bay with shallow waters is definitely worth the walk both up and down! San Blas is not suitable for anyone with walking difficulties or very small children.  Local Gozitan Steve operates a shaded beach hut kiosk offereing all types of refreshments, snacks and ices. Also avauilable to hire are sunbeds and parasols.

  • Hot/cold snacks (burgers, hot dogs etc)

  • Alcoholic and soft beverages available

  • Sun bed/parasol hire

  • Jeep ride back up the hill! for a small fee per person



San Lawrenz

San Lawrenz is a small charming village on the western part of Gozo. It is built on a plain surrounded by three hills,Ta' Ghammar, Ta' Gelmus and Ta' Dbiegi. The last mentioned, Ta' Dbiegi, rises 195 metres above sea level and is Gozo's highest point. In the limits of San Lawrenz there is also the splendid bay of Dwejra, renowned for its strange geological faults and admired by tourists and locals alike. This picturesque village has succeeded in retaining its traditional and rural lifestyle. It has managed to open up to progress without sacrificing its natural beauty and those values and traditions, which form the identity of this charming village.


  • Various Mini markets

  • Restuarant in Village square


Sannat or more precisely ta' Sannat, lies to the south of the island of Gozo. At Ta' Cenc, within the limits of ta' Sannat, there is L-Imramma Temple, a primitive type prehistoric temple made up of a sort of an oval court with a series of more or less oval rooms to the north.  Ta' Cenc is also famous for its spectacular precipices or cliffs that are the natural home of several wildlife species, both flora and fauna. Lying low by Ta' Cenc, one could admire the natural beauty of Hanzira valley, a natural gorge separating Sannat from the village of Xewkija. The valley, due to its steep rocky sides, has little signs of human interference and leads down to Mgarr ix-Xini Bay to the South of Gozo. The pebbly beach of this bay is not as popular with swimmers as it is with divers.


  • Various restaurants

  • Mini markets

  • Bank

  • Pharmacy


Santa Lujcia

The peaceful hamlet of Santa Lucija, although in itself incorporated within Kercem, is quite distinct with its rustic church square empathising a calm picturesque charm unequalled throughout the whole island. Santa Lucija is slightly inhabited by country folk with a few old houses disorderly built around an old chapel dedicated to St. Lucy.  A number of old farmhouses in the area have been discreetly converted to country villas, with great care spent on these properties to retain a rustic look. Santa Lucija is one of the few unspoilt places in Gozo whose inhabitants stubbornly resist a hectic urban life while rendering nostalgists from larger communities envious of what they gave away in time.


Victoria is the island's capital named after the English monarch Queen Victoria, to commemorate her Silver Jubilee in 1897. Even today, many locals still call it by its original name, Rabat (which means city). With its medieval citadel rising high above the surrounding countryside it offers supberb views across the islands. The main streets are lined with gift shops and restaurants and a daily open air market. Take some time to visit the extensively refurbished Villa Rundle Gardens in Victoria (originally planted in 1914) with a seasonal theme throughout it is a wonderful place to sit and relax in the shade and enjoy the beautifully created gardens.

  • All Shopping - visit Arcadia and The Duke (both have underground large supermarkets)

  • Tourist Office

  • Restaurants, coffee shops

  • Open air Market

  • Internet Cafes

  • Post Office

  • Police Station

  • Banks - ATM

  • Pharmacies

  • Hospital


Apart from being in itself a picturesque village, the village of Xaghra is rich in historical heritage and therefore has plenty to offer to its visitors. Situated on the north east of the capital town of Victoria you can find the Neolithic temples of Ggantija, which are acknowledged to be the oldest free-standing structures in the world.  The village boasts an attractive windmill known as Ta' Kola Windmill, after its last tenant. The present windmill structure was built on 5th September 1786. It is the only windmill in Gozo that has its own original wooden cogwheel machinery in good functioning order. Today it is functioning as a museum rendering Ta' Kola Windmill an ideal attraction to tourists who visit Xaghra all year round.


  • Various Restaurants

  • Mini markets

  • Bank

  • Pharmacy



Xewkija is built on a plateau in the central southeast of the island. Xewkija is derived from the Maltese xewk, 'thistles', simply meaning a field where thistles abound.The parish of Xewkija is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, and the village feast is celebrated during the third week of June. The focal point of Xewkija is the Rotunda church, built in local hand-carved limestone in the heart of the village: a masterpiece of gigantic proportions.On the very outskirts of the village lies the unspoilt Mgarr Ix-Xini bay, a secret inlet between high cliffs, which was used in olden times as a haven for boats and galleons.


  • Various shops

  • Pharmacy

  • Police station

  • Mini Markets

  • Helicopter port



Xlendi is a typical fishing village and a popular summer resort. It takes its name from a type of Byzantine vessel that used to shelter in this port. Xlendi lies between the two majestic cliffs of Munxar and Kercem and is considered the most picturesque and romantic fishing village of Gozo. The statue of St. Andrew dominates the little harbour where fishing boats create a colourful myriad of colours. The cliffs bordering the inlet on the harbour side can be reached via a steep flight of steps cut into the rock. From the top one can either enjoy a magnificent bird's eye view of the harbour or proceed to the natural Grotto known as "L-Ghar ta' Karolina" which used to be frequented by the nuns for swimming. Whilst there is very little beach at Xlendi this does not deter those who wish to sun bathe on the rocks or swim from the small beach area. In Xlendi you will find and wonderful array of waterfront restaurants for you to sample.


  • Waterfront restuarants

  • Boat hire and trips

  • Snorkelling and diving

  • canoe hire

  • Souvenir shops.

  • Gelateria

  • Bank



Zebbug is perched on two adjoining hill tops, and is the highest village above sea level in Gozo. Zebbug enjoys fantastic sea and country views, some would say the best in the whole of the Maltese islands! The village is situated some 3.5 km away from Victoria, the capital of Gozo and the nearby popular seaside resort of Marsalforn is just a short distance away.

  • Bakery

  • Local bars

  • Mini Market



Situated in the centre of the Malta, not far from Valletta and the medieval city of Mdina. Attard is a village located near the centre of the island of Malta, with a population of around 10,000. Together with Balzan and Lija, it forms what is known as "The Three Villages".  Attard became a parish in 1499. Notable places of interest include San Anton Palace and botanical gardens, the national stadium, national park and "Crafts Village" at Ta ' Qalii. Attard is the birthplace of the architect Tumas Dinglii, who is best known for his work on Wignacourt's aqueduct, the  "Porta Reale" entrance intoValletta, and several churches, of which only the Attard parish church, with its impressive facade, remains unaltered. Attard is traditionally known for its flower gardens and citrus orchards, earning it the motto "Florigera rosis halo" in Latin "I perfume the air with my blossoms" in English.


A major resort in Malta that offers a large selection of self catering apartments and varying types of hotels . Bugibba links with St. Paul's Bay and Qawra with all three resorts being joined by the large seafront promenade. The resort along with Qawra has recently undergone a total revamp over the past few years and is favoured by those who want to have all their facilities close by and within walking distance.  Bugibba provides the nightlife and has many beachclubs, bars, cafes, bistros and restaurants along with a modern casino. A popular choice for families with children


Birzebbuga also known locally as Pretty Bay is located in the southern east part of Malta with a good selection of cafes, bistros and restuarants. Birzebugga now boasts a large sandy beach where you can soak up the warm Maltese sun.


Cirkewwa is the busy embarkation point of the Gozo Channel Ferries. Three ferries cruising between Gozo and the mainland Malta, carry over 3.3 million passengers annually, acting as a marine highway for commercial users, tourists and the daily commuters alike. Gozo Channel ferries are modern drive on/off ferries. The ferries have a cafe on board, lounges and viewing areas.  Ferries generally run every 45 minutes and the journey takes approx 25 minutes.  Payment for the ferry crossing is made in Gozo for the return journey.

Golden Bay

Golden Bay is the most frequented beach next to Mellieha Bay. Its large stretch of tawny sand attracts thousands of Malta holiday-makers in search of company, sea and sun. Golden Bay has the facilities you need for the day - a café-restaurant, sun lounger and umbrella hire, and plenty of fun water sports from jet skiing and paragliding to banana boat rides.  The spectacular sunsets here have made the beach a popular spot for barbecue parties during moonlit nights. The beach is generally safe for swimming but it is prone to strong currents when the wind is to the north-west. A red flag indicates when bathing should be limited to shallow waters only.


Luqa (pronounced Loo-a) and is home to Malta International Airport which is the only airport in Malta and it serves the whole Maltese Archipelago. It is located between Luqa and Gudja. It occupies the location of the former RAF Luqa and was completely re-furbished, becoming fully operational on 25 March 1992.


Marsascala is an ancient fishing village with its picturesque bay that lies to the south-east of Malta.  In the holiday season it is buzzing with activity, much loved by locals and tourists alike. It sprawls at the feet of two hillsides descending from Zabbar and Zejtun. Its long U-shaped coastline and beach, its rocky promontories and its multicoloured fishing vessels give it lots of character. this is enhanced by a big variety of modern leisure facilities, restaurants and bars.  Marsascala Bay used to extend deep into the valley to a cave with a natural spring of fresh water where old mariners took their water before sailing.


Mellieha is considered to be one of the more desirable resorts on the island due to the excellent choice of quality villas with private pools. The village is perched overlooking Mellieha Bay itself and the sandy beach, which is known as the best beach on the island.  Mellieha Bay beach gently slopes into the sea so it is very safe for the children and there areas where you can water ski,paraglide or jet ski. The perfect resort for those who would like a choice of good quality accommodation, large sandy beach and an abundance of resturants, bars and watersports.

  • Various Restaurants

  • Bars & Cafes

  • Various mini markets

  • Post Office & Bank

  • Beach

  • Watersports

  • Exchange outlets

  • Gozo ferry crossing at Cirkewwa is 5 minutes by car


The old capital is a typical mediaeval town situated in the centre of the island. The "Silent City", as it is also known, commands magnificent views of the Island and although it is still fully inhabited, silence reigns supreme. Today it is mainly off limits to cars and there is a calming atmosphere as you walk along its narrow streets and ways, passing by some of the best Norman and Baroque architecture on the island. The Cathedral is worth visiting and is fronted by a large square, the only open space you'll find within this tiny City. Mdina acts like a time capsule, transporting you to another era and tucked away in the narrow alleyways, you can find a couple of good restaurants, like the Medina and the Bacchus, and a Cafe right on the bastion walls with outstanding views across the island. A unique area of Malta with it's very own influence, Mdina is certainly worth a visit.


The Naxxar Locality is spread over an area of eleven kilometers squared and has a population of over eleven thousand persons. According to tradition, the people of Naxxar were amongst the first to help the shipwrecked, including Saint Paul, when the ship he was on went aground on the rocks. For this reason many connect the name Naxxar with Nassar (Nasra) which means 'conversion to Christianity'. Others insist that the name comes from “Nsara” or “Nazaroei” which means 'those who believe in the wisdom of Christ who came from Nazareth and thus “Nozri”'. Others say that the word Naxxar means 'one who saws, separates or cuts' – it might be worth mentioning that in Naxxar there are a lot of stone masons.

Paradise Bay

A picturesque beach, in a small sheltered bay, with golden sands and backed by high rocky cliffs, it's easy to see why this is known as Malta's Paradise Bay. The beach is well served by a good restaurant/snack bar and there are boats and sea kayaks for hire. This is a great beach for families and young children.


Qawra is located on the northeast of the Malta Island, and along with Bugibba it forms a part of St. Paul's Bay. It is popular among tourists and is home to a many hotels, restaurants and bars. Very much like Bugibba in all respects although Qawra is possibly a little quieter. Although there is no beach, many people swim and bathe off the rocks, which provide ample space for sun bathing. It is popular with tourists who like to walk on the promenade by the sea at night.


In this popular and busy resort you can enjoy a stroll on the seafront promenade with views across to the capital Valletta on one side of Sliema or the open Mediterranean sea on the other side. Along the promenades are many areas of rocky beaches where you can enjoy the sea or sun bathe at your leisure. Sliema is an ideal location if you want to be close to Valletta and enjoy being in a resort that is bustling and lively with all your amenities close by. The elegant promenade, lined with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants, is the main hub of the resort, popular both with the Maltese and the many holidaymakers who visit Sliema. The seafront promenade continues to the Msida and Ta 'Xbiex marinas with the many yachts and luxury boats to one side and all the way to St. Julian's Bay on the other. Overlooking the Sliema promenade towards Valletta you can choose to take a trip on the many cruise ships that offer short harbour cruises to half or full day cruises around Malta and Gozo.

  • Seafront Promanade

  • Shopping arcades

  • Various Mini markets

  • A variety of tourist shops

  • Abundance of bars and nightclubs

  • Harbour cruises to half or full day cruises around Malta and Gozo.

  • Cinema

  • 20-25 minutes from Luqa Airport


St Georges Bay

St Georges bay is the most northerly area of St Julians and is very near to Paceville, the 'nightlife capital of Malta' which is located on the hill opposite the New Bay Street centre. There is a picturesque bay, with a amall sandy beach  A selection of boats are anchored in the bay and water sport facilities are available.  Close by are all the amenties of St Julians and Paceville. 

St Julians

St. Julians is an extension of Sliema. It started as a small fishing port around the two bays of Spinola and Balluta. Today it is now a major residential town and tourist centre for Malta holiday-makers. Excellents hotels, high-class Casino, amusement halls, discotheques and night-spots provide entertainment for the thousands of youths and foreign visitors who frequent the locality. St. Julian's has a seafront promenade that can take you all the way to Sliema which is a 25-30 minute stroll away. Paceville is well known for the vibrancy of it's night life that include a large selection of bars, cafes, bistros, restaurants and nightclubs.


The exclusive Portomaso Marina in St Julian's with it's own superb selection of restaurants, casino, cafes and bars offering a variety of dishes from steak to sushi is only a few minutes walk, with many restaurants and speciality shopping The beach at St. George's Bay has recently been improved and enlarged and now provides a relaxing area for those wishing to sun bathe or swim in the lovely clear waters.


Bay Street Shopping Centre which has an abundance of designer shops, cafes and restaurants, Bowling Alley & Amusement halls and Multi Screen Cinema. There are mini markets, a variety of tourist shops,  banks and exchange bureaus all within the centre



Valletta, the capital was built by Jean de la Valette, French Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, after the epic siege of 1565 It dominates, in one wide sweep, the Island's historic Grand Harbour - one of the finest natural ports in Europe.  The beautiful city of Valletta offers plenty of entertainment, ranging from the theatre, opera and cinema, to street performances and open-air concerts. There are a wealth of day trips and excursions available in Valletta, including the must-see boat trip around the fortified city walls in Grand Harbour, and the Agotti Botanic Gardens.


Experience Malta 

Full of historical character, crystal clear waters, coves and beaches



The Maltese warmly welcome all their visitors with their unique blend of hospitality and genuine friendliness. The island can be justly proud of it's fascinating character and culture with many familiar sights to be seen from the British involvement that dates back many years.


Malta is an island that is renowned for it's character and the crystal clear waters offer many coves and beaches that are ideal for sunbathing, swimming and all those various kinds of water sports. Visitors from all around the world travel to Malta and Gozo which provide some of the best opportunities for snorkelling and sub aqua diving.  The most popular beaches are mainly located towards the north of the island and include, Mellieha Bay, Golden Bay, Ghajn Tuffieha, Armier Bay and Paradise Bay although there are other secluded sandy coves to be found for the more adventurous bather. Some other beaches can be found at St. Georges Bay, Gnejna Bay, Selmun Bay and Pretty Bay.


Malta is where the old mixes with the new very easily and you will find there is plenty to do during your stay so that you can fully appreciate what Malta has to offer. There are endless number of restaurants, cafes, bars and bistros all serving a variety of local or worldwide foods and all are reasonably priced. You can join the locals in one of their village bistros or bars or dine Al la Carte in any of the numerous quality eating places throughout the island. As you would imagine, seafood is fresh daily so there is plenty of choice from a variety of catches that will tempt you.


All your shopping needs are well catered for with fashionable shopping centres and malls, local shops and markets that are all interesting and varied. Night life can be calm and peaceful or if you prefer more variety and life there are many nightclubs and bars along with sophisticated casinos in the St Julians and Bugibba resorts.


To appreciate Malta from the sea you can enjoy one of the many trips around the harbours or the island on the famous Captain Morgan cruise liners, where you can stop off at Comino and the stunning Blue Lagoon for some lunch and sun bathing or swimming. A nice alternative to just being on the island all day and one that is worthwhile considering for those who want to get out and about.


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