Welcome Pack

Food Pack A Malta (Essentials) £37.00

Food Pack B Malta  (Luxury) £67.00

  Food Pack C (GOZO ONLY)  Food Pack £47.00

  • Bread sliced ( white or brown)

  • Small butter

  • Small Jam

  • Small Carton of milk

  • Water x 2 large bottles

  • Ceral small box

  • Tea small packet of 40 teabags

  • Fresh orange juice

  • Coffee (small jar)

  • Sugar (small bag)

  • Bread Maltese and sliced

    (white or brown)

  • Butter

  • Jam

  • Milk

  • Water x 4large bottles

  • Cereal

  • Ham

  • Sliced cheese

  • Fresh orange juice

  • Tea, coffee, sugar

  • 1 pack of bacon

  • Eggs x 6

  • Bottle of local white wine

  • Bottle of local red wine

  • Pack of 6 local Cisk lager

  • Lemonade x 1 2litre bottle

  • Coke x 1 2 litre bottle

  • Bacon 200g

  • Butter 250g

  • Cereal Variety Pack

  • Cheese 250g

  • Coffee 50g

  • Eggs x 10

  • Fresh Orange Juice 1litre

  • Jam 200g

  • Loaf of bread

  • Milk 2  x litre

  • Pasta 500g

  • Pasta Sauce 400g

  • Smoked Ham 175g

  • Sugar 500g

  • Tea 125g

  • Water 6 pack of 2 litres

  • Wine x 1

When arriving late at a your chosen property it is handy to have a few essentials awaiting your arrival at your property. We have chosen some essential items so that you are able to have a drink and a small snack upon your arrival. For those who require a more extensive food pack we can offer you our Welcome B food pack with local wines, beers and soft drinks. 
Unfortunately not all our properties are able to offer this service so please check on the individual website page to see if your property offers the welcome packs below or contact us via email info@maltachoice.com

Your welcome pack cost will be added to your final balance, however if you have already paid your balance, payment will be due before you travel. Please note that we require 48hrs notice to book a food pack.

Please note that typical local shop opening times are normally 8.00am - 1.00pm reopening at 4.00pm - 7.00pm Most shops are closed on Sundays