COVID19 - Information

If you cancel your booking due to a pandemic situation

The 2020 pandemic 'COVID19' has brought many unexpected challenges for travel companies and consumers alike as the situation has been unprecedented.  We want our customers to have peace of mind in these challenging times, so when choosing to book with us for 2021 we will extend to you an offer of pandemic protection. *Our pandemic protection will be subject to a rebooking fee and terms and conditions.

Our guarantee to you

If you book accommodation with Malta Choice Ltd for a departure date in 2021 and one of the following scenarios happens,

  • The Maltese Government closes their borders and denies entry of flights from the country you are due to travel from because of the pandemic.
  • Your country or the region that the lead name of your booking reside in, is put into an indefinite lockdown and you are unable to travel.
  • The Maltese Government imposes a 14 day quarantine upon entry to Malta
  • Malta Choice need to cancel your booking due to the owners of the property you have booked have withdrawn their accommodation or have fallen ill with the virus and are unable to honour your booking

Malta Choice will offer you a credit note for any monies that you have already paid which can be redeemed against a new booking with us within 2 years of your original date of departure. Please note that the price of your alternative dates may be different to those of your existing booking and will also be subject to a rebooking fee*  We may not always be able to offer you exactly the same accommodation or the same resort as you had originally booked.


Q) A member of our party has been taken ill with the virus and we are unable to travel can I have a credit note?

A) The protection is not valid if a member of your party is taken ill even if this is with pandemic virus/symptoms. If a member or your party is taken ill, you would need to make a claim with your own travel Insurers to reclaim any monies lost by cancelling your booking.


Q) The FCO has issued a travel warning for essential travel only and a  has imposed a 14 day quarantine, so I wish to cancel can I have a credit note?

A) The protection is not valid if you want to cancel your booking due to changing government travel warnings or quarantine regulations.  This reason will not constitute a reason for a free cancellation. A travel warning is not a travel ban. An imposed quarantine upon re entry to your country does not mean you are unable to travel. In this instance our standard cancellation fees would apply as it would be your own disinclination to travel


Q) Our flights have been cancelled can we have a credit note?

A) The protection offered is not valid if your flight operator cancels your flight.  If other flights are still departing to Malta from the United Kingdom or the country you are travelling from, then it would be your sole responsibility to ensure that you make alternative flight arrangements regardless of the financial implications to your party.


Q) How long do I have to use my credit note with you?

A) The credit note will be valid for 2 years from your original date of departure.


For our full pandemic protection 2021* terms and conditions and fees please see 7a of our  Malta Choice terms and conditions

When booking your next holiday we strongly recommend your take out insurance that will cover you for a pandemic situation.